Developer's Profile ( Hire Code M04 )

last update 2019-05-15

Info Value
First Name secured info
Last Name secured info
Company Email secured info
Native Language Romanian

Additional info

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Personal Objective to continue web development and contribute on self growing
Hobbies Music, Reading, Soccer and Movies


Language Read Write Speak
English Technical Technical Technical
Russian Advanced Advanced Advanced


Ability to work in a team, always in good mood, keep calm in stressful situations.

Name Description
JavaScript Familiar with Module Pattern programing, lazy loading and single page Apps, familiar with ApplicationPrototype Framework
NodeJS Building REST API Servers ; Multi cluster apps
Git Good Level
React Good Level Good Level
MongoDB Good Level
.NET & ASP.NET Good Level
SQL Databases Worked with MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB and SQLLite
Server Administration Familiar with Linux Servers Debian based


Present ( 2019 )

Taking Master's degree at Technical University of Moldova


Technical University of Moldova, Informational Technology

Trainings ( Company / course description )

  • SGAPPS LABS ( 2019 ) - Web Developer, Server's Management
  • SGAPPS LABS ( 2019 ) - Web Developer, NodeJS
  • Endava ( 2018 ) - Course "Web Developer", Chisinau ( Moldova )