B2B CNC Invoices

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B2B CRM for your CNC Laser Cutting Business / Services

What will see your clients

  • our business solution includes:*
  • An easy to use E-commerce for your Business
    • possibility to publish previous orders for additional ordering
    • multiple languages 100+
  • Any drawing of your client will be converted into GCODE
    • Client may draw or upload in different formats his order
      • you will receive the result in SVG / GCode already configured for every machine you use
    • Clients can view his order's status

Client Ordering

yes, it is customizable

  • Client will easily order using an image and selecting the used material
    • your client may choose from any material you will decide
      • plywood, paper, wood, plastic, organic glass, etc..
    • he will submit the order by choosing or uploading an nice image that will be automatically simulated to predict the result
    • client has possibility to adjust the order to fit the best result and price
    • You will know the estimated time and estimated costs of the order
๐ŸŽข Live Examples available on: - Ordering Example - Online Example how CRM is working - russian version - Online Example how CRM is working - CNC Invoices CRM - Online Demo - Order CNC Service - Online Demo

When client draws the Order Client views his order - simulated Client obtains the simulated result and estimated price
Draw Image on your PC

  • A CRM ( Customer relationship management ) for Laser Cutting Services

You will receive the order in a easy to manage interface With a ready machine's code
CRM Records Management GCode View

The CRM Admin Panel

  • you can configure your CNC Machines
    • you may define parameter for operations used by client to draw his order
      • the power / speed / z-level
  • you may create your customized E-commerce

Minimalistic and easy to use Featured Version ( Wordpress Based )
Sample of your online store


E-commerce Screenshot Integration Wordpress Woocommerce Integration Order Scenario
E-commerce Screenshot - CNC Laser Cutting Wordpress Woocommerce - CNC Laser Cutting Invoice Example CRM Look

Simulation Example Viewing simulation in GCode Editor CNC Final result
Simulation Example GCode Viewer CNC Tree decoration

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B2B CNC Product B2B CNC Product B2B CNC Product

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