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When you are not home, questions arise that put you in doubt.

  • Did I pull the iron out of the socket?
  • Did I close the lights everywhere?
  • Did I set the security alert?
  • Are children doing their homework or looking at TV?

With a smart home, you can calm all these worries by just taking a quick look at your smartphone or tablet. You can connect your devices and devices at home so they can communicate with each other and with you.
The services we provide will ease your life significantly by just clicking on the buttons with the necessary functionalities.

Increased security

Security has a very important role for all your family members. Our security system allows you to be informed in advance about some unpleasant situations, such as:

  • Water leakage
  • gas leakage
  • Fire hazard
  • Alert in case the doors are open
  • Motion sensors will send an alert when there's motion around your house.

Auto alerts from your security system will immediately go to your smartphone so you instantly know if there is a problem at home.

Video monitoring

With the help of cameras, you can see everything that's going on inside and outside your home.

Lighting management

Any extra light consumption brings unanticipated losses, here we come to your rescue and give you the opportunity to remotely manage any light source that is around your house.We can also install sensors that will light up as soon as it gets dark out.

Climate management

  • air conditioning
  • humidity
  • heating.

All of this can be adjusted not only from their remote control but also from a distance. These features allow you to prepare the house temperature in time.


  • gates
  • doors
  • blinds and automatic curtains
  • as well as other engineering systems
  • automatic lawn irrigation, water heating in the pool.

You can control all of this with one remote control.

You can manage not only your home but also the office where you work, all these features can be assigned to you anywhere you need.
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