SGAPPS LABS - Contacts

Hi, we are fullstack development company. We are working with United States or another countries. We easily deal with Native NodeJS, and JavaScript, offering trainings for NodeJS Framework and JavaScript Language ( also: and React )

We can build Advanced Server Cloud Solutions for different needs using AWS, Google Cloud Servers, or Droplets from Digital Ocean. Also we can develop custom Network Solutions.

Our hourly rate depend from by project itself. We are developing different solutions from Programming WebApps to advanced Crawlers and proxy Systems

If you will contact us, we may discuss:

  • industrial automation
  • visual recognition / augmented reality
  • Crawlers / Proxy Robots via Tor Networks or other methods
  • Advanced WebPrograming for Frontend and Backend
  • Video Chats / Recorder / Messengers
BTW we can easily implement desktop apps using GitHub's framework.
Telegram @sgappsio
Chișinău, Moldova Republic of
phone: +373 78 310 479